A is for …

Amy Butler Apron tied on

Amy Butler Apron tied on

Apron for Aunt Cathy

What do you give a busy mother of two, who also happens to be your aunt, for her birthday?  Well, A is for Aunt and for Apron and Amy.  So a belated Amy Butler Birthday Apron for Aunt Cathy seems fitting!

I used the apron pattern in Amy Butler’s book In Stitches for this one.  My favorite feature is the little towel loop, perfect for holding a little hand towel to (ironically?) save the apron from chocolaty messes.  The fabrics are also by Amy Butler, from her August Fields collection.

I can’t say I have any real suggestions for altering the pattern – it came out beautifully!  But if you’re short like I am, you can definitely afford to trim a few inches (3″ – 5″) from the bottom of the apron.

Happy Sewing!


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