First Time For Everything

Hello there!  Well, there certainly isn’t anyone there yet because this is my first ever blog entry.  But I like to think that you will be … there … soon enough.

I’ve been very busy browsing the blogs of perfect strangers lately.  Not because I enjoy slowly kissing away my once-20/20 vision, but because I’m hungry for new projects.  Fall Recipes, Modern Embroidery, and Quilt Making have replaced (almost) all other search entries on my Google sidebar lately, all of which have led me to some really great projects.  And I thought, “How selfish of me!  I just take, take, take, but never share.”  Well, now that you’re here, I’ll start sharing the fun projects I have discovered, and hope to discover, with you.

Glad you found me ;)


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One response to “First Time For Everything

  1. domesticscene

    Here is a link to an embroiderer that you might like to check out…

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