Up and Down

Ugly Cookies, Yummy Scarf

{Scarf: up. Cookies: down.}

1. Testing a new recipe for Healthy Oatmeal Cookies for Dad= bad decision.

2. Knitting a cozy scarf for Mom = good decision.

This outcome is very typical of my day: give and take, win and lose, up and down, good and bad, blah and blah … I’m not taking away much from today but a few good laughs and the start of this yummy fall scarf:

– Pick up 2 balls of Lion Brand Wool-Ease yarn in Butterscotch
(or in Paprika or Burgundy or Lemongrass, hm?)
– Wield size 13 (9 mm) knitting needles
– Work in 10-stitch rows

I’ll be absolutely thrilled when the scarf’s finished in time to keep Mom warm in fall.  Which will put me at up and up.  Yay!


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