Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Bella Sweater

{Bella Cozy in Fleece}

I used to think doggie sweaters were a minor example of cruelty to animals … until I met Bella, our one-year-old tiny tot.  When she was a puppy, Mom asked Santa to keep Bella small.  Obviously, Mom got her wish, and we got the tiniest Westie in the world {who obviously needs a little extra warmth in the winter}.

To recreate the green sweater, use this Simplicity pattern and 1/2 yard anti pill fleece.  But to really capture the Go Green essence of the pattern, recycle old sweaters into a sweater for your pup.
Bella Sweater II

I cut up a black cashmere-blend sweater (chewed up by Bella when she was a puppy) for the body, a pink cashmere sweater for the bottom trim and lining of the hood, and Amy Butler fabric for the outer hood.

The pattern calls for a narrow hem on the hood, but I found lining the hood to be easier and cuter.  Just sew the outer fabric to the lining like a pillowcase (sew right sides together, turning right side out before attaching to the sweater).  And if you’d like to skip on adding trim to the sleeves like I did, just cut your sleeve pieces so that the outer edge of the sleeve is flush with the finished edge of your recycled sweater.

Cheers to keeping our best little friends warm!



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2 responses to “Baby, It’s Cold Outside

  1. Jenn

    OMG, that is so freakin’ cute. I didn’t realize it was a hood. Can I employ you to make my boys some winter sweaters? :)

  2. Brooks

    its up to your knees out there

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