Trick or Tutu

{Tulle Tutu of Sorts}

{Tulle Tutu of Sorts}

In Halloweens of yore, I’ve been a sexified version of whatever I wanted to be.  This year, I’m a regular ballerina.  And to complete my demure ballerina costume, I made a tulle skirt.  Okay, I made a tutu.  Whatever.

To make le tutu:

1. Hand gather 10 yards of tulle (folded in half) using big stitches.

2. Press 4″ ribbon in half; fold ribbon over gathered edge of tulle; pin.

3. Sew ribbon/tulle/ribbon sandwich together.



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7 responses to “Trick or Tutu

  1. Jessica Goldner Bowman

    I love your blog. Cool posts. Can’t wait to see you in that tutu, its beautiful.

  2. Ivychan

    you’re hilarious. Cool tutu. I miss that sexified pirate outfit circa 2007… how cool was that?!

  3. domesticscene

    Try this method – its super cute and puffy!

  4. domesticscene

    Think I need an adult version like your one!

  5. domesticscene

    Love yours too, *rushes off to find gold tulle*!

  6. domesticscene

    Crikey. I’m Addicted.

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