56 Degrees & 50 Percent Off

{Brightening Up 56 Degrees}

{Brightening Up 56 Degrees}

So it’s freezing cold outside. {To be honest, it’s only 56°F, but it feels like 32°F}

Can’t you just tell by looking at the above picture that it’s a cold & dreary day?

To brighten 56°F up a bit, I made this happy little necklace.  People never believe that I buy most of my beads at Michaels.  I think it’s the way you put beads together that makes them look just too interesting to be from Michaels.

Close up 56 Degrees necklaceIf you’re reading this today and want to warm up 56°F yourself, go to Michaels because these beads are 50% off.

1. I used a toggle clasp, but you can obviously use whatever you’d like.

2. Pick up 2 strands orange beads, 2 strands smaller yellow beads, 1 strand turquoise cylinder beads.

3. Work with 2 strands: (strand 1) 5 yellow beads (strand 2) 3 orange beads (combine strands) 1 turquoise bead.

4. Repeat until all turquoise beads are strung.



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2 responses to “56 Degrees & 50 Percent Off

  1. Alysha

    You blog needs a like button. Beautiful!

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