Pound Cake, Not Beers

{Pound Cake}

Way back during the holidays, I picked up a The Best Of edition of Fine Cooking called Sweet Cakes (confusing enough?).  The very first recipe in this scrumptious magazine is for a butter pound cake, one Fine Cooking boasts as “Pound Cake Perfected.”  Having very recently tormented Mimi for not using the beautiful cherry blossom bundt pan that she had to have from Williams-Sonoma years ago, I was thrilled to find this little gem while revisiting the magazine.

I jumped up, threw some eggs in a bowl of warm water to bring them to room temperature, and created this work of art!  I’ll post the recipe as a comment later this week in case you’re interested but foolishly overlooked The Best of Fine Cooking: Sweet Cakes on the rack.



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2 responses to “Pound Cake, Not Beers

  1. ivy

    that is beautiful. What a cakeform! So pretty I wish I could eat some now hehe

  2. Larry

    Did you ever post this recipe?

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