a Place for Spring

{Spring Placemat}

Tonight = pesto pizza + crudite + Spanish wine + Kaitlyn + these quick and easy placemats from Amy Butler’s book In Stitches.  What with the wine buzz, Olympics coverage, gabbing, craft brainstorming, and sewing machine malfunctions, we only made one placemat each, but look how cute!  I was thinking of Mother’s Day tea parties and springtime brunches while fabric shopping after work today – obvious?  And of course I embroidered a little.



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2 responses to “a Place for Spring

  1. Lisa Hightower

    Just the other day I was flipping through that book thinking, “I really need placemats.” Did you use the Timtex that Amy calls for? And if you didn’t, do you think it needs it?

    • I think it may depend on the fabrics you use. I used Pellon Peltex #70 instead of Timex (mostly because they carry it at Jo-Ann, and also because it’s more flexible than Timtex), and it worked perfectly for me. The floral fabric is a linen/rayon blend, and the brown fabric is linen, so I REALLY needed the stiff interfacing to keep the placemat stable. My friend used fusible lightweight interfacing on home dec fabric for her placemat, and that seemed perfect for her fabric choice. Let me know how yours turn out and good luck!

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