Cinnamon Rolls & Pincushions

{Mai's Pincushions}

Today I indulged both sides of moi: {1} my Japanese side, and {2} my American side.  The Japanese side of me discovered the blog Mairuru.  Unable to stop reading Mai’s blog, scrolling through pages of old entries, I came across these instructions for making leather-bottom pincushions.  I used vinyl instead of leather, which was fine for construction purposes, but leather would be worth the extra $ to create a more indulgent version of these little gems.  Kawaii, ne?

Mai’s instructions create these adorable, tiny pincushions {left}.  I enlarged the pattern 150% to make a bigger pincushion {above, right} for larger projects.  Check out her blog for other ridiculously-fun projects on a tiny scale.

{cinnamon rolled}

{A note from the American side of moi …}
In case I haven’t told you yet, I am on the hunt for the perfect cinnamon roll recipe that doesn’t require a million hours of rising.  All of the {mix, let rise, roll, let rise, put in pan, let rise} instructions just don’t mesh well with my Sunday mornings-cum-Sunday evenings.  That being said,  Fine Cooking’s recipe for “fastest ever cinnamon buns” is not it.  The cloves overpowered the rest of the roll, and the rolls weren’t as big and fluffy as I prefer.  Until the next attempt –



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6 responses to “Cinnamon Rolls & Pincushions

  1. Mai

    How cute!!!!
    Thank you very much for making it.
    I’d like to eat such delicious cinnamon roll (* v *).


  2. kk

    wtf…i thought we were making these pincushions?

  3. tika

    your site is sweeeeeeeeeet. i think i want to be this (crafty?) when i grow up.

  4. Lisa Hightower

    I love those pin cushions! I really need to do something about the sad state of pin-cushion-ness around here; all I’ve got is the boring tomato with its strawberry long gone. I like how these are simple but elegant.

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