Tool Roll for Ivy Chan

{1. Fill Roll}

I wanted to make something for Ivy for her new Brooklyn apartment.

But it is very likely that she has very particular design elements in mind.


{2. Fold Top 1/2 Down}

So I scratched that idea but still had a mailing envelope with her new address on it.

What else does Ivy love?



{3. Roll Up & Tie}

What does Ivy need for architect stuff?

A tool roll.


Luckily, Lotta Jansdotter’s book Simple Sewing includes a how-to for this project.

{4. Travel, Open, Enjoy}

Kaitlyn was gracious enough to lend me this book, and I wanted to crank out a test run before returning the book to her.  Luckily, this little wool roll turned out well enough to ship off to Architect Hume.  If you have the book and are considering the project, beware of the end of the instructions. They skip a step on turning the roll right-side out before finishing the edges. After Step 3A, I made up my own directions: (3B) sew along bottom raw edge, (3C) turn roll right-side out, (3D) fold top edges in to create a finished edge, (3E) press, (3F) sew shut with embroidery thread, of course.


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One response to “Tool Roll for Ivy Chan

  1. Ivychan

    This is true love.

    You’re just the best Miss Beddie! Thanks so much for my handy dandy new present! I love it and am already putting it to use :)

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