Mushroom & Me

{mushroom sized}

One day, I’ll have enough energy to blog things I make up on my own {and write out the instructions for you}. Until then, I hope you don’t mind me sharing the brilliant imaginations of … others.  I made the {above} mushroom, but I got the idea/template/instructions for it here. I like the blogger’s mushrooms better, but this was my trial run. I’ll elaborate on the embroidery and detail when gifting this little ruby. And I’ll take a better picture in the sunlight … unfortunately, the M-F gig isn’t conducive to beautiful outdoor photography.

As for the glass, I used Scotch tape to mark off a square and scrapbooking stickers to spell out my initials. Then I filled it with etching cream and watched magic happen 10 minutes later when rinsing it off. It’s pretty legit, no?

Another blogger suggested I use contact paper to make my own stencils, so I picked some up tonight. More on that party soon to come.

{03.08.10} Since ANF made such a nice comment about the ALB glass, I made her her own ANF glass and filled it with Ferrero Rocher. Yum. Happy office warming to you, ANF :)

You can’t see some of the smaller images very well on the blog unless you click on them. So if you’re frustrated that you can’t see how well a sticker and some Scotch tape can work to etch glass, click on the image at {left}.



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3 responses to “Mushroom & Me

  1. Alysha

    Ok I have glassware envy. This really is beautiful.

  2. Alysha

    Smiled about 30 times today looking at my great gift. You’re the best. Mean it.

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