Yoga Bag = Motivation

{Nigella yoga mat bag}

Things I Hate: {1} Gift cards burning holes in my pockets {2} Losing yoga motivation {3} Sewing circle-shaped anything {4} Buying things I can make

So I killed four birds in one afternoon. I spent my $25 VISA gift card at Hancock Fabrics, printed off Amy Butler’s free Nigella Yoga Bag pattern from her website (I also hate paying for patterns, FYI … bam! five birds!), put the bag together in a couple of hours, and tah-dah! Yoga motivation is back, and I got over the sewing in circles thing. Mom looks good modeling it, too.

My only pattern gripe is the way Amy attaches the exterior panel to the lining. It irks me.  It’s a lot of bulk to sew through, so I might modify the instructions for my next bag. I think it’d be easier, on both the sewist and the machine, to leave an open seam on the lining. That way you can turn the thing right-side out through the opening, stitch it closed,  and hide the seam on the interior of the bag. More on this to come when I attempt this method of finishing the bag. For now, I am quite happy with my bag. And I can’t wait for yoga on Monday.


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