Buffalo Bagged

{beachy buffalo bag}

I modified the Japanese bag a little to make a quick, light beach bag for Summer 2010. And I cannot tell you how much I love the weight of these unlined totes, especially since I used off-white cotton napkins for the base of this one. Stuffed with a beach towel, 3 magazines, and a novel, this bag’s still as light as a feather and has plenty of room for a Nalgene, loads of SPF, and a huge bag of Doritos.

I toughened up this preppy beach bag a little bit with an embroidered buffalo {found a random buffalo skull via Google image search, traced it onto the fabric, and embroidered with warm colors}. The green accent on the buffalo skull is a nod to the other side of the tote, which looks like this:

{floral, too}

{floral, too}

I’d been looking for a way to show off this scrap of Kaffe Fassett fabric, and I think I found just the one! Also, if you’re following Jansdotter’s pattern for the Japanese Tote, try adding 6″ to the straps as I suggested. I tried it with this tote, and the straps fit on my shoulder much better. I’m not sure what this bag measures exactly … just that it’s big enough for my beach needs and then some.

Oh! I also covered the inside seams with double-fold bias tape. It looks so much more finished.


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