{anna maria horner = love}

I feel like you’d never know that I’m an Anna Maria Horner fanatic because I never write about her or her fabrics. It’s harder for me to get my hands on her fabrics because fabric stores don’t carry her around here {unlike Amy Butler, of which Sarah’s Thimble, right up Great Neck Rd., carries loads}. And to be honest, I don’t want to admit that I stalk her blog {because I do}. But check her out and you’ll see why I’m in love. Her fabrics are amazing, she’s well-written, and her kids are freaking adorable. Oh and this bag is just a tiny peek into how awesome her fabrics are. I ordered the above fabric last June so I could crank out this tote for Kristin’s birthday. It was, needless to say, nearly impossible to part with that much beautiful fabric.



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2 responses to “Throwback

  1. I LOOOOOVE THIS BAG! You’re an amazing craftster Lai. I also love all these shout outs I’ve been getting on your blog lately hahahaha. Keep up the good work!

  2. I did notice all the shout outs (!) and decided that you must just inspire the heck out of me ;) The second I start crafting hokey things, though, I expect you to put your foot down and make me stop! You and Ivy can stage an intervention (if you bring wine, I’ll listen very well). I’m worried about this because I’ll be 25 this November, and I hear that quarter-century marks drive some people mad.

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