Tray Chic

{a tray for el jardin}

After helping kaypea mosaic mirrors for Casa Verde in Panama, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on broken tile and grout in the States. I chose to mosaic a tray so that I wouldn’t have to worry about the edges. NB: you can buy a 5 gal. bucket full of broken and misfit tiles for $3.- at Lowe’s. It feels great to save the tiles from a landfill somewhere! This is a fun green project, too, if you have extra tiles from a bathroom or kitchen renovation or vintage mis-matched china.

If you want to mosaic something yourself …
*Stain 1 wood tray (unfinished trays = $4 at Michaels)*
{1} gather tiles or china you like
{2} put the tiles/china in a box, cover with a towel, & whack with a hammer
OR use a tile cutter to make little shapes
{3} arrange tile/china pieces tightly into bottom of tray
{4} glue pieces down using Liquid Nail; let set accordingly (moi: 1 hr.)
{5} grout
{6} follow Dad’s handy tips: when dry, Windex the tiles & olive oil the wood

The tray came in handy when I cut peonies in the backyard …

{peony in pink}


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