Sea Glass

{sea glass}

To follow up on my March 4th post, I took Lisa’s (and Southern Living‘s) advice for etching custom patterns. And I am happy to report that contact paper works like magic. Just smooth a piece of contact paper on the glass, tape a drawing/picture/pattern/stencil on top of the contact paper, & cut out the pattern using a craft knife. Smother the void with etching cream, let dry 10-15 minutes, remove the contact paper, & rinse off the cream. I love the idea of etching a set of coordinating glass … Happy etching!

PS: If you buy clear contact paper, you can trace your pattern onto the contact paper before applying the contact paper to the glass (instead of taping the pattern on top). This makes it much easier to cut out the pattern onto the glass.



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2 responses to “Sea Glass

  1. Jenn

    I LOVE THIS!!!!! A LOT!!!!

  2. I’ve always wanted to try this! Off to the craft store!

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