Just Add Lavender

{just add lavender}

What can be done to cure stale-smelling drawers and, consequently, stale-smelling scarves? Answer: {hopefully} 1 lavender sachet per drawer.

My French General sewing book has a project for lavender-filled cushions, which inspired me to make my own (though I’ll probably wing the shape and dimensions). If you have a similar need for prettily-scented trinkets, know that you can order a 1-lb. bag of dried lavender buds from Flowering Tree Botanicals on etsy.com. *aside: I also ordered lavender & calendula soothing salve to get the most bang for my shipping bucks … yum!

Until I receive my goodies, I shall embroider many tiny pieces of fabric {above} to encase my fragrant little buds. And I may just be giving one tiny pillow away to one of my alleged readers. Stay tuned (if you really exist, reader).



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7 responses to “Just Add Lavender

  1. Alysha

    Please consider this my entry for the alleged drawing! :)

  2. I exist lai! These are way cute, your embroidery is awesome :)

  3. Ohhhh so you two are my alleged readers, eh? haha

    Since I don’t expect the lavender delivery until next week, my plan is to make and post pics of about 6 or so little unstuffed pillows by the end of the week. Then I’ll have you and other alleged readers comment on a future post with (1) which pillow you’d like, and (2) why you need/want a lavender pillow. THEN I’ll somehow pick a winner and deliver. yay! my first giveaway! NB: these pillows will be 6″ x 6″ max most likely … tiny, tiny pillows.


  4. Sarah

    I too am an alleged reader. I have lavender growing right now that I dry for this exact use. I do not, however, make my own bags. Hmmmm, I feel a transaction coming along…!

  5. Jenn

    I’m an alleged reader (as you well know from my squeals of delight every morning when you hear me click on your website, which is in my favorites, by the way)!! :)

  6. Ivychan

    I have totally been meaning to buy some potpourri for my drawers lately. Even if I don’t qualify for the drawing, I am cuckoo for sachets, lavender-filled or not; will you be selling?

    love u xox

    • Hey Chan! So you missed the drawing (announced a winner last night), BUT I opened an etsy shop – URL to be announced once I’ve listed items for sale – and I plan to start very small with ::drumroll:: lavender sachets (I hate the word “sachet” … lets call them “little lavender pillows”)! They’ll be $7/ea. + shipping for the c. 5″ size and $9/ea. + shipping for a c. 7″ size.

      Stay tuned – xx

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