{sweet-smelling giveaway}

So. My dried lavender arrived today! Thank you, Flowering Tree Botanicals, for the super quick shipping. I love my goodies, and working with lavender has become my new favorite thing – the whole room smells positively delicious. Now … are you interested in a sachet, alleged reader? I decided that I’m the nicest blogger ever to give you a choice in a giveaway, so I don’t feel guilty in the least about not having finished the other three promised sachet options.

how to win:
{1} Pick your favorite pillow: 1, 2, or 3
{2} Leave a comment with (i) the # of your favorite pillow, and
.      (ii) the name of your favorite cheese
{3} Be sure to include your email address where prompted
{4} Stay tuned



These sweet-smelling pillows measure about 4″ to 5″ by about 4″ to 5″ and are stuffed, but not over stuffed, with lavender. I hand embroidered the linen {front} and used Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett cotton for the back. Good luck!

WINNERS: tika (#3)! & coco8199(#1)!
I was so excited to draw a name that I accidentally drew two.
Enjoy your lavender sachets, ladies.

And thanks so much to those who stopped in and entered the teeny, tiny giveaway.



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12 responses to “{sweet-smelling giveaway}

  1. Annie Hamie

    (i) 1 for reasons I think we both know
    (ii) Brie

  2. 1 – because I have an affinity for jelly fish, even though one stung me on my honeymoon.

    2 – Provolone.


  3. Alysha

    (i) ahhh I’m torn between two lovers…okay #1
    (ii) extra sharp cheddar

  4. 1) #2 is adorable and speaks to my love of trees
    2) Special Reserve Extra Sharp Cheddar from Tillamook

  5. 1) #1 fits me and I am your Dad!
    2) Cabot extra sharp white cheese

  6. Mimi

    1)#2 because of it’s small and delicate stitchings

    2) Havarti!!!!!

  7. Jenn

    #1 is absolutely adorable!!
    Favorite cheese: on sammies, provolone; to eat on crackers, cheddar (any kind) :)

  8. Jenn

    Since I like two, and because you told me I could, I also really like #3. :-D
    Same cheese. ;-)

  9. Jennie

    I like number two blue is my farvorite color and I like the desgin. My farvorite cheese is sharp cheese and muenster cheese.

  10. Joy Jackson

    #1 is my favorite–reminds me of summer–can almost smell the ocean breeze.

    Colby Jack is my favorite cheese.

  11. tika

    1): #3 – because of the combo of front/back
    2): brie. plain or baked with a combo of butter/brown sugar/almonds/raspberries/blackberries on top… yiiikes!

  12. oh no i missed the giveaway!! i was hoping to win one and make you come back down in person to panama to deliver it….. :)
    i love them all though but esp. #1 and there is no way i could choose a favorite cheese haha

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