Life Full of Lavender

{little lavender pillows}

I may be selling these on etsy soon. “These,” by the way, are more little lavender pillows (::cough:: “sachets”) that I’ve made over the weekend. It has been so relaxing to embroider linen and piece together cotton for these little rubies. And the lavender scent is basically improving my life: the little pillow hanging near my bed lulls me into a deep sleep; the little pillow in my scarf drawer has successfully eradicated the drawer’s stale smell; and the little pillows I’ve been sewing together just make me happy in general.



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10 responses to “Life Full of Lavender

  1. The pillows are really cute. I’ve started keeping lavender bags in my ‘in progress’ project boxes so that the projects smell nice when I get them out again.

    • That’s such a nice idea! I’m glad you suggested it. I’m always thinking that my stash of quilting fabrics could use a boost of freshness … and see, I had a solution right under my nose and didn’t even realize it. Thank you!

  2. Addie

    Lai! These are so pretty and cute! Like everything that you make. I love reading your blog!

  3. Super cute! Thanks for sharing!

    • Stacy – Hi, my name’s Alainna, and I am obsessed with your circle zipper case at Patchy Apple! It’s so darn cute! Just like everything on your etsy site ::sigh::

  4. Jenn

    I am absolutely in love with these lavender sachets…lavender is such a calming scent. I should probably get some for my desk. You’re so talented, Lai. I love reading your blog…it makes me so happy. :-D And you being my podmate is pretty sweet too!

  5. Anne

    Lai Lai,

    Your designs are so great! I’d like to say that they inspire me, but remember when you taught me how to make necklaces and mine was a glorified puka necklace? Yikes.

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