Prototype: Panel Pocket

{prototype panel pocket}

So lately, I’ve been thinking of ways to make things a little less generic. And I finally came up with an idea that I actually wanted to execute: instead of making an interior and an exterior pocket on a tote bag, I’d make a “pocket panel” that can flip to the inside and the outside. The more I thought about it, the more I loved the idea.

The panel would act as a normal, easily-accessible pocket on the outside, allowing you to find your keys or cell phone without digging around.  Then it would act as a hidden pocket on the inside, guarding your phone from the sand that inevitably falls into your bag every time you reach in for more SPF.  By “hidden pocket,” I mean you can’t reach into the pocket without flipping it back to the front. The pocket becomes, essentially, backwards. Perhaps the pics I took tonight of my first prototype will help illustrate what’s going on here:

normal pocket {exterior}

and then you flip the pocket to the inside, and it becomes a …

hidden pocket {interior}

Have I gone crazy? Is this ridiculous? I’ll have someone test it out soon … perhaps over Memorial Day Weekend, during which I’ll be chillin’ on the beach in Hatteras, NC. Cheers!

P.S. Can you believe that I still have some of this Amy Butler home dec fabric left over from when I made my aunt this apron, way back on my second blog post ever??



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5 responses to “Prototype: Panel Pocket

  1. Jenn

    I think this is the coolest flippin’ (haha, get it? Flippin? Pocket panel…no?) idea! I absolutely love love love this! I love the colors, I love the pure white pocket contrasting off the splash of colors, and I totally want one. There, I said it.

    I love this, Lai. You are a brilliant mind.

    • Flippin’. haha! It made me giggle.

      We’ll see if the pocket is working out well for Meredith (the recipient) and then discuss the making of future bags of a similar design.

      ::fingers crossed::

  2. What a great pocket idea! Boy, I could seriously reduce the times I’ve misplaced my cell phone or keys with that pocket!

    Beth J.

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