Baby, You Got What I Need

{diaper bag? or just a ton of pockets?}

Does it look like a diaper bag to you? It just looks like a tote with extra pockets to me … but in the words of my friend Sarah, diaper bags are just totes with lots of pockets because “babies need lots of stuff apparently.” I’ve had a diaper bag pattern by Quilts Illustrated sitting around for months now; yesterday, I finally wiped off the dust, opened it up, and studied it front to back.

I hate to be a hater, but it isn’t exactly an easy pattern to follow. If you’re a beginner, please stick to Simplicity patterns (or sewing books) and hold off on Quilts Illustrated for a couple years. Simply put: I love thinking at work, but I’m not a fan of thinking after work; and the typo on the very first line of this pattern (resulting in a difference between right sides together and wrong sides together) made my head hurt. I knew it had to be a typo, frantically read the pattern three times for evidence of my belief, and finally checked out the pattern maker’s website for verification. Whew. I was right.

Gripes aside, I love the dimensions of this bag and how the panels and side pockets fit together. It’s always interesting to learn new techniques and sewing tricks, but I ended up modifying every other step so that I could get my sewing style in there. Whose pattern is it now? I’ll still give Q.I. credit for this one. For my own diaper bag, I think I’ll add onto my (slightly larger) signature bag a bit with extra pockets on the inside, a pocket on the outside, and a closure on top (magnetic snap? or hoop and button? probably the latter). And don’t you love the Amy Butler Daisy Chain fabric collection? I had these pieces of quilting fabric lying around and love how they look together. Finally! I found a use for that stripe fabric I received from an online fabric shop in error!

It’s on Etsy if you’re interested  in owning this one. I had to price it at $40 to recover the price of fabrics I used on this little guy … extra pockets = extra $$ apparently. Who knew?

I hope you’re enjoying the beautiful summer day! A little nature happiness from the backyard for you before I run off:



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2 responses to “Baby, You Got What I Need

  1. Ashley K (you know me!)

    I looooove this diaper bag, lady! It just looks like a great purse with lots of storage space!!

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