A Fly on the Wall

{if only there had been a praying mantis on the wall}

I almost dropped the iron when I saw this little praying mantis on the other side of the glass door in front of me. His head is quick, and he followed my every move. Creepy? Or cute? It got me thinking about the fun in knowing behind-the-scenes mess, and I started snapping away around me to share with you a glimpse of what this little bugger witnessed this afternoon. I resisted every urge to stage my studio, which BTW is actually a pool table room.

My Other Fly on the Wall

One Chaotic Corner

Another Chaotic Corner

The Stash and Reading Corner

Packaging Supplies

Ribbons & Little Things

Scrap Pillow in the Making

Where the Magic Happens

I keep thinking I’ll buy myself a new sewing machine soon, but I never seem to have the funds. Crazy how that works, isn’t it? Especially given that I magically discover the funds for yards of fabric, pretty new clothes, and happy hour every time I get paid ::sigh:: Oh, and no … that orchid doesn’t get in my way when I’m sewing. I’m not sure why or how that is, but I know it’s not going anywhere regardless. And yes … I do use the pool table as a huge sewing table. Hence the baskets full of supplies: I have to be able to quickly clear off the pool table for fun with friends. So if you were a praying mantis on the wall this afternoon, that’s all you’d see. Well you may have also seen the new tote I sewed up for the shop, so here it is:

PS: Mom’s the model in all my Etsy shop pictures. Could you tell? She’s so cute.

And her outfits aren’t picked out especially for the pics or anything. She just dresses that adorably all the time.



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4 responses to “A Fly on the Wall

  1. I love that bag…the fabric is fabulous!

  2. What a lovely space you have for creating!

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