Iced Espresso Shot

{fancy a glass?}

Working on a beautiful Friday afternoon is torture. And since I’m not a masochist, I took off at precisely 3:30 pm. When I got home, all I could do was plop on the couch, turn on Giada (Food Network), and scratch Bella’s tummy. “Man, I want a drink. But it will put me to sleep, and I want to enjoy the afternoon outside.” Giada started making vanilla simple syrup for apple tea (lame). So I started making some vanilla simple syrup, too. “What to do with my simple syrup … need to wake up … want a cocktail … don’t want drunken tiredness.” In the corner of my eye was a beautiful, almost-brand-new bottle of Tripe Shot Espresso vodka. “Mmmm caffeine …” I finished my syrup, let it cool for a bit, and by 5:00 pm – tah dah! I had an iced espresso shot in hand and was on the back deck to enjoy the weather and watch Bella terrorize little critters.

{my version of vanilla simple syrup.}
To a tiny pot/saucepan, add 1.5 c. water & 1.5 c. sugar & 1 T. Madagascar vanilla bean paste. Bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. Let cool (mostly).

{my iced espresso shot}
In a little glass, add a few ice cubes, a heavy hand of triple espresso vodka, and a splash of vanilla simple syrup. Sip. Relax. Wake up. Love summer.

Addendum: While I was out there, this little dragonfly stopped in for a visit. Have I mentioned dragonflies love me? It’s why I have so many dragonfly photos, including on this blog’s header.

Second Addendum: Woah! Another one just came! See the little ant, too? Click on each to see the dragonflies in more detail. They’re lovely.


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  1. Jenn

    Want to know what I love (besides coveting that bottle of Triple Shot Espresso vodka)? I love that you always have your camera handy. :)

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