Scrap Stationery Book

{scrap stationery book}

My most prized possession as a little girl was a stationery book Mom made me out of two placemats. It folded open like a 3-fold brochure, and each panel held a smattering of random, blank, hand-me-down stationery, birthday cards and pen-pal letters I’d received in my little life. When I decided to create a handmade gift for Tori’s high school graduation (I used to babysit her! Am I old now?), I immediately thought of this little stationery book. I hope it will be perfect for writing Thank You notes on the fly for all the care packages we’ll all send her.

I based measurements on my sewing journal, making sure to have pockets for a little address book, pen, and notecards. If you sew, it’s probably pretty easy to see how I made it. If you’re new to sewing and want a pattern, just let me know. I’ll sew up a new one and take notes just for you!

Oh … I stamped, embossed, & personalized little notecards for her, too:



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5 responses to “Scrap Stationery Book

  1. Ashley K (you know me!)


  2. Jenn

    I LOVE THIS!!! Absolutely awesome. :)

  3. Thanks, ladies! I think Tori likes it, too, which is good. I thought it turned out horribly when I first finished it; but then I filled it with goodies, and voila! It was perfection!

  4. hi i think that if i win our bet my handmade “something” should be a prototype of a passport/tickets/pen(gotta fill out those pesky customs forms!) holder similar to this thingy you have made here….then you should start selling them on etsy and i will show it to all the travelers i meet in the hostel and tell them to buy them from you :) or you could just come back down here for “business” and hand deliver a bunch of them to sell in island interiors :)

    here are some similar things on etsy:

    and this one i LOOOVE:

    i bet this is the longest comment you have ever gotten. bye.

    • So long, in fact, that I had to approve it while it waited for “moderation” hahaha

      You’re on. $45. I’ll even include a tiny notebook in your organizer for you ;) Someone else suggested I make these to sell on Etsy too, which is something I may or may not be working on over the weekend. Stay tuned. If I put one on Etsy that you have to have, let me know & it’s yours, Panamanian.

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