LOVE: part deux

{side pocket anyone?}

Since I mastered my own technique for a contrasting side panel last week, I moved on to create a side pocket my way this week. And look! It’s Monday, and I’m already done!

my way. \ˈmī, mə\ \ˈwā\ adjective 1. made up by me; 2. devoid of visible stitching

Visible stitching drives me crazy because you can see each little stitch; and they don’t always stay in line, those little buggers. So I made a long panel like this {above} and stitched it together to create this {below}:

Hi, my name’s Alainna, and I am in love with this bag. Coincidentally, the printed fabric is home dec from Amy Butler’s LOVE collection. I have plans to put it on Etsy (along with a handful of other projects I have in the works) next week. I’m saving up “merchandise” so that I can see my shop full of an entire page worth of little handmade gems. I’m sorry. Wait, what? You don’t care because you don’t like this one anyway? Woohoo! because I kind of want to keep it … Janet & Sarah – think you can fit a bottle in those side pockets?



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5 responses to “LOVE: part deux

  1. Annie Hamie

    Oh my gosh I am obsessed with that fabric

  2. Jenn

    I want it. So, you know, just let me know when you’re selling it, and I’ll take it off of your hands. Thanks.

  3. Jenn

    ………..I suppose I should’ve looked at the shop first……heh….

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