Pressed Flowers Fête

{pressed flowers are at it again}

So you may have noticed that I’ve now bought this Pressed Flowers home dec fabric {by Anna Maria Horner} in three different color schemes. One scheme to go before I’ve bought it in all available colors … The palette of this collection is so beautifully eclectic that I simply can’t resist!

I made the side-pocket bag with this Pressed Flowers fabric, and I think the scale works perfectly for the bag’s size:

Notice how I changed the handles up a bit on it? I think I love them and how they echo the pointed corners of the pressed flower motif. If you disagree, holler at me.

Oh, I also did this bag in the yellow Valori Wells Del-Hi fabric you all love so much. And the extra little yellow strip at the bottom of the side pocket is actually ::drumroll:: an extra little side pocket just for your keys.

And yes, ladies, these will be on Etsy soon. Yay!


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