Yoga Bag by {me}

{yoga bag prototype}

So to be frank, I’d put off designing a yoga bag because I am not a fan of sewing in circles (and yoga mats, if you’re not familiar, roll up into a long cylindrical shape between classes). So I finally constructed one as though it were a long, narrow, rectangular tote bag. {Result: Fabulous}

I also wanted to skip lining the bag so as to avoid using yards of fabric ($$$). This required that I play with zig-zag stitching a little bit, of which I’m also not a fan. {Result: Fabulous}

Finally, I wanted to make sure the whole bag was roomy enough to fit a loosely-rolled-up yoga mat. If you practice yoga, you know what a pain it is to have to roll your mat up perfectly so that it will just fit into your bag. I thought the extra room would also allow a water bottle, wallet, and yoga strap to fit into the pockets better. {Result: Fabulous}

I added a little clasp to keep your keys handy, too …

She doesn’t know it yet, but I’ll be giving this bag to my friend Maggie on Monday so that she can test it out and give me feedback. I love having guinea pig friends: y’all get little gifts every so often, and I get honest feedback :) If you can think of something I should add or take away to this tote bag for any reason, I’d LOVE to hear it.

And sorry about the obnoxious 2 posts/day I’ve got going on. I’m trying to make up for the general lack of posts (and creativity) M-F.


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