Sunday Morning Muffins

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What does Sunday morning mean to you? To me, it means good food. Whether I’m visiting a friend, alone in a foreign city, or at home with my parents, I can’t start Sunday until I’ve had good food, gosh darnit. This morning, Mom Googled blueberry muffin recipes before I got up because after freezing two trays of Pungo blueberries, we still had about 5 cups of fresh blueberries left.

She decided to try this one: And boy, so should you.

This recipe creates a savory blueberry muffin that you bake and then dip in melted butter and coat with sugar while still warm. So if you love a muffin with your salad at The Painted Lady (who doesn’t?), this muffin is for you – just skip the butter and sugar bit. The recipe also calls for sour cream … and we don’t really believe in a sour-creamless muffin. This muffin’s moist and fluffy and not nearly as dense as the sour cream coffee cake muffin by Ina Garten that we usually make. Our only criticism: though the recipe cites a baking time of 24 to 26 minutes, ours were done in precisely 17 minutes. Beware!

Bon Appetit and Happy Sunday!



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5 responses to “Sunday Morning Muffins

  1. Tes

    Yummm blueburries muffin is always my favourite bake on the weekend. It’s difficult to find blueberries here right now, but it’s so wonderful to look at those pictures.
    Thanksfor sharing,

  2. Alysha

    My mouth is watering…

  3. Jenn

    Delicious! :-D

    Side note for blueberries: Aiden was stuffing them in his mouth last night and then asking for more…after two bowls, I had to cut him off though. :-P

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