{sleepy-time giveaway}

{scraps of fabric never looked so good!}

No, I’m not doing another lavender sachet giveaway, no no no … This time, chamomile’s involved. No one’s getting enough sleep these days {or is it just me?}, so I ordered some dried chamomile flowers from Layla to toss in with the lavender buds in my little pillows.

{chamomile + lavender = happy, rested people}

If you can’t sleep either: leave a comment on the blog, vow to give me true and honest feedback if I send you a little pillow, and keep your fingers crossed. I’ll pick a “winner” Thursday evening … but I must say: if you’re having trouble sleeping, you’re not really a winner, are you? No, everyone knows that makes you a wiener. But this is a no-judging zone, and this little chamomile gem could help lull you into a good night’s rest so that you can stop being a loser and start being a winner! I have no clue what I’m saying … I’m so deliriously tired … good luck.

how to win:
{1} pick a pillow: 1 or 2
{2} leave a comment on this post with (i) the pillow #, and
.     (ii) “I vow to give you honest feedback” or something
{3} find out Thursday if you’ve won the opportunity to help me out

Did I mention that the point of the feedback is so that I can figure out if chamomile is as magical as I’ve always thought it was? I think I left that part out … good. night.


{picked by this process}
ME. “Brandon! Pick a number: 1 – 11.”
BRANDON. “Ummm … 7.”
ME. “Hmm … 1, 2, 3 … 7: Alysha! Alysha won!”

Since I have another chamomile pillow lying around …

Thanks so much for stopping in and entering (and helping me!). xx, lai



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17 responses to “{sleepy-time giveaway}

  1. Yi Shen

    1) pillow 1
    2) A guarantee to give you honest feedback on your potpourri sachet.

  2. 1) pillow 1
    2) if i wasn’t honest, i wouldn’t be anything. feedback is my specialty. and it will be especially honest!

  3. Mollie

    1- pillow one (adorable!)
    2- I will definitely give honest feedback :)

  4. #2. If you’re looking for feedback on quality of sewing, I won’t be able to help you, but my neighbor went to SCAD for fashion and textiles and I vow to get her feedback for you.

  5. Sarah

    1. – Pillow #2
    2. – I cross my heart pinky-swear I’ll tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I’m thinking if they work as good as chamomile tea does, you’re on to a winner!

  6. Jenn

    Pillow #1 (but they’re both adorable!)
    I honestly swear to give you any feedback you want (as your podmate who’s morning activities include reading your blog while sipping my coffee, you know this to be true). And, as the mother of a toddler, who’s mind seems to be constantly “go go go,” a little assistance from the chamomile pillow might do wonders for this girl. :)

  7. Alysha

    Pillow # 2. I’ll give honest feedback…trust me, I’m a lawyer :)

  8. Look at all you wieners! haha

    I’m so excited to have a little elf help me evaluate the chamomile … the Thursday “drawing” can’t come soon enough.

  9. Alex Fuller

    Pillow numero 2.
    and i will give honest feedback. =)

  10. Barbara

    Pillow 2. I’ll give honest feedback because I work for attorneys, and I will consider letting you join Team Barbara.

  11. Ashley K!

    Pillow 1. !

    Also, I believe I have already vowed to provide honest to goodness feedback, but for good measure: I hereby solemnly swear to give you honest feedback. For reals.

  12. rachel crisman

    I pick number one and of course honest feed back from me. I am a little biased,I believe it is magic.I say thin while I am drinking it in some hot tea.
    Good night.

  13. Alysha

    I’ve never won anything before. Seriously. This is a very exciting moment for me.

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