Slept Well

business in the front:

{better sleep}

party in the back:

Half an hour before bed, I stitched together a quick eye pillow in much the same fashion as one wears a mullet: business in the front, party in the back. I love the look of the scrap Anna Maria Horner home dec fabric in the front and the feel of the faux minky dots fabric in the back. Before I finished the eye pillow, I snuck in a few spoons of chamomile and lavender so that I could conduct my own little test. And I slept like a baby!

There are two confounding variables worth mentioning before crediting the chamomile+lavender eye pillow at bedtime with my good night’s rest: 

  1. I walked around with the eye pillow tied to my forehead for a good half hour before bed (don’t laugh. it was relaxing).
  2. I devoured a bowl of leftover vodka-soaked watermelon while walking around with said eye pillow attached to my forehead. And drank the juice in the bottom of the bowl ;)


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5 responses to “Slept Well

  1. Jenn

    So….was it the chamomile/lavendar….or the vodka? ;-) Perhaps another experiment is in order?

  2. Not to get all librarian and spoil your next experiment but alcohol has actually been shown to interrupt normal REM patterns. So it follows that while the alcohol should have made you sleep poorly, the chamomile/lavender eye pillow worked ESPECIALLY well. Woot!

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