M is for Macy

{my beautiful little fairy cousin}

Isn’t she just b.e.a.utiful? My cousin Macy is modeling for the Chasing Fireflies children’s catalog (/catalogue), and the {above} is from her costumes shoot. I just love this photo and how the green looks on her (so magical, no?); so for her 8th birthday this month, I made her a bucket bag in green:

Macy will love this one because it stands on its own, has a random jute accent on the front, is super different from regular little girls’ bags , and has a huge M on it so that everyone will know that it’s hers. Originally, I wanted to use a more contrasting fabric for the M. But then I thought of what Macy would suggest if she were helping me pull fabrics, and this matchy-matchy one would make perfect sense in her mind. I hope she lets Gavin join her for a tea party or picnic with this one … or at least put his snacks in it while they’re on location for photo shoots.



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2 responses to “M is for Macy

  1. Anne

    Oh my goodness! I haven’t seen little Macy since her infamous video third year!

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