Yoga Bag: take two

{nobody likes matchy matchy}

Though the BAG LAiDY yoga bag prototype was a couple inches longer than my Plank mat (if you click the link, my mat’s the 3rd from the left; and yes, I love it; and yes, that is a muffin on the bottom haha), it turned out to be a couple inches shorter than Maggie’s much thicker and much longer mat. So I made my first “real” yoga bag some odd 3″ longer, which turned out to be long enough to fit a tiny monster on top of my Plank mat; so I’m not sure I’ll be doing that again.

Not a fan of solid chunks of fabric, I used a really nice home dec upholstery fabric for the bottom half of the bag and a remnant Amy Butler home dec fabric for the top half.

Then I added a completely contrasting pocket in scrap Amy Butler home dec fabric to one side of the bag:

… and a key hook in scrap Valori Wells home dec fabric to the other side:

So if you have any questions or comments or suggestions, send them my way. We all have different yoga mat bag needs, and I want to accommodate as many as I can in this one design if possible. And sorry about the sad photos today; my model (Mom) went on a date with some dude (Dad) and left me to use the deck for photographing bags today.



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2 responses to “Yoga Bag: take two

  1. I love the fabrics you use. If I did yoga anywhere outside my apartment building I would buy one.

    • And that will be the thing that makes my day today. Thanks, Alex! After sewing in a 90F room, a nice comment was just what I needed. Now: a nap. Maybe a bowl of your earl grey ice cream – which I think I’m making next in my ice cream maker.

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