Earring Frame

{for tori's george washington dorm room}

If you’re too short on space for a proper jewelry box, you may consider replicating this little earring holder that Clare and I made for Tori’s dorm room.  You just need a frame capable of holding staples (wood, etc.), some mesh, and a staple gun.

  1. Remove everything from the frame except hanging hardware.
  2. Cut a piece of mesh a little larger than the frame. *we used aluminum mesh
  3. Lay the frame face-side down.
  4. Pull the mesh taut over the frame & staple it along the inside ledge:

Depending on the mesh you use, and I’m not even sure the proper term for this stuff is “mesh”, you may or may not need to cover the edges of it. Since we used aluminum mesh, we covered the edges with duct tape to keep Tori from pricking her fingers.

When you finally have your frame done, you can mount it on a nail like this, using the hardware already on the back of a hanging frame …

… or, if you’re moving to a dorm like Tori, you can add some wire to the back of the frame & hang the frame on a couple wall-friendly, removable 3M hooks. To really maximize wall space, add a few tiny hooks along the bottom of the frame so that you can hang your necklaces, too!

[And thanks to Clare for letting me in on this project.
It was fun. I hope you love it, Tori.]

Happy crafting! xx



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2 responses to “Earring Frame

  1. Janis

    I think this is one of my favorites so far!

  2. Shelli

    Is that fabric over the wire mesh stuff? What kind?

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