Jammy Prints

{not in virginia anymore, bella}

Hiya! It’s me. Miss me? I’m slowly getting my life back now that I’m mildly settled … slowly. And I didn’t realize it at first, but baking and cooking up a storm has made my New York apartment finally feel like home. “You’re going to make me fat!” is something I hear daily from Sabrina, my adorable (not-fat-at-all) roommate. And deciding to whip up half a batch of this go-to cookie of mine isn’t helping her cause ….



interested? Then go here & bake like Ina.

So glad we took this minute to catch up! I missed you. xo, alainna


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2 responses to “Jammy Prints

  1. Barbara

    We have been apple picking and was thinking of you the other day when we left the Cheese Shop! Only you can appreciate the thrill of going there!!
    We miss you!! Glad you are doing well.


    • Barbara! This post makes me so happy! I’m so envious of the apple picking and Cheese Shopping. SO envious. I miss you all (———-this much——–) and can’t wait to see you in November!!!

      Am hoping to write soon.
      xo Little Me

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