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slip into these puppies

{all mine mine mine}

Dear Reader,

If you are my friend and expect a Christmas gift from me this year, be prepared to share with me your shoe size because you will be getting monogrammed slippers!


Okay, that is probably a lie, but I am already obsessed with these little beauties and think that everyone should have a pair with their own initials! I got the idea from Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts, but you can read the same page here on Instead of hand embroidery, I used my brand new embroidery machine (love) for the monogram. And FYI: I got these Dearfoams slippers for $6 at TJMaxx … but would happily pay $30 minimum for these personalized babies at a boutique. Jealous?


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Earring Frame

{for tori's george washington dorm room}

If you’re too short on space for a proper jewelry box, you may consider replicating this little earring holder that Clare and I made for Tori’s dorm room.  You just need a frame capable of holding staples (wood, etc.), some mesh, and a staple gun.

  1. Remove everything from the frame except hanging hardware.
  2. Cut a piece of mesh a little larger than the frame. *we used aluminum mesh
  3. Lay the frame face-side down.
  4. Pull the mesh taut over the frame & staple it along the inside ledge:

Depending on the mesh you use, and I’m not even sure the proper term for this stuff is “mesh”, you may or may not need to cover the edges of it. Since we used aluminum mesh, we covered the edges with duct tape to keep Tori from pricking her fingers.

When you finally have your frame done, you can mount it on a nail like this, using the hardware already on the back of a hanging frame …

… or, if you’re moving to a dorm like Tori, you can add some wire to the back of the frame & hang the frame on a couple wall-friendly, removable 3M hooks. To really maximize wall space, add a few tiny hooks along the bottom of the frame so that you can hang your necklaces, too!

[And thanks to Clare for letting me in on this project.
It was fun. I hope you love it, Tori.]

Happy crafting! xx


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M is for Macy

{my beautiful little fairy cousin}

Isn’t she just b.e.a.utiful? My cousin Macy is modeling for the Chasing Fireflies children’s catalog (/catalogue), and the {above} is from her costumes shoot. I just love this photo and how the green looks on her (so magical, no?); so for her 8th birthday this month, I made her a bucket bag in green:

Macy will love this one because it stands on its own, has a random jute accent on the front, is super different from regular little girls’ bags , and has a huge M on it so that everyone will know that it’s hers. Originally, I wanted to use a more contrasting fabric for the M. But then I thought of what Macy would suggest if she were helping me pull fabrics, and this matchy-matchy one would make perfect sense in her mind. I hope she lets Gavin join her for a tea party or picnic with this one … or at least put his snacks in it while they’re on location for photo shoots.


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I Saw the Sign

{THE BAG LAiDY booth}

Generally, I avoid jinxing things. But I had way too much fun creating a “booth” for the Stockley Gardens Arts Festival application and must share. Since a booth photo is a required application material for the festival, and since my only other experience selling things face-to-face with the public involved a $25 rented table at an elementary school last year, I had to create the above space in my backyard. aside: Brandon, I’m sorry I tipped over your frisbee golf goal thingie while clearing out yard space for this … if it’s broken, I’ll replace it. woops.

But it’s not really the booth space I want to share; rather, lets focus in on the sign I created for it. I love it. Do you need a sign? Well then:

{... and it opened up my eyes, I saw the sign}


  • foam board
  • frame
  • unbleached drill fabric (or whatever background fabric you want)
  • fabric scraps
  • double-sided fusible adhesive (Heat’n’Bond)
  • spray glue (Aleene’s Tacky Spray)
  • kraft paper


  1. Find a frame for the size sign you want. You can buy one that’s picture-ready and just remove the glass and backing. Or you can go to Michael’s and see if they have any “Custom Woops” frames. I found such a frame for $8 yesterday, and it’s beautiful.
  2. Cut your foam board down to fit perfectly into the frame. To do this, I laid the frame on top of the board and traced the inside of the frame onto the board with Sharpie. I then cut the foam board down with a butcher’s knife … maybe scissors would work, too.
  3. Hop onto Microsoft Word and print out letters the size/font you’d like. Cut them out. Lay them out on the foam board to check sizing/spacing before proceeding.
  4. Trace the letters onto square scraps of fabric.
  5. Fuse the letter-traced square scraps of fabric onto the Heat’n’Bond (follow the package instructions).
  6. Cut out the letters.
  7. Remove the back of the Heat’n’Bond film; set fabric letters aside.
  8. Cut a piece of unbleached drill (or whatever background fabric you use) so that it’s big enough to cover the foam board and wrap around the sides with about 2″ excess. Place unbleached drill on ironing board.
  9. Lay the prepared fabric letters onto the unbleached drill however you’d like and IRON THEM ON!
  10. Admire the beauty of your fabric sign for a second, take a breath, and continue:
  11. Cover the foam board with the fabric sign, pulling taut, and press the frame onto the front of the fabric-covered foam board. The fabric sign + foam board should fit perfectly into the frame and not fall out.
  12. Spray the outer edges of the back of the foam board (which will be covered with the fabric edges) with Tacky Spray; let set 30 seconds; press the 2″ excess unbleached drill onto the back of the foam board to secure.
  13. Spray the entire back of the foam board + excess fabric with Tacky Spray; let set 30 seconds; cover with kraft paper for a finished, clean-looking back.
  14. Let dry … and you’re done :)  If you want to hang it, add some mounting hardware to the back of the frame. You could probably create this sign using the original backing of a picture-ready frame, too, for easier mounting (if you do this, skip the foam board bit and just attach fabric sign to the frame backing).
  15. Email me with any questions – I’m sure this is about as unclear as possible.

Did I mention I also became a business owner yesterday? Woop Woop! You may officially address me as Alainna Lexie Beddie d/b/a THE BAG LAiDY. Yum.

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Slept Well

business in the front:

{better sleep}

party in the back:

Half an hour before bed, I stitched together a quick eye pillow in much the same fashion as one wears a mullet: business in the front, party in the back. I love the look of the scrap Anna Maria Horner home dec fabric in the front and the feel of the faux minky dots fabric in the back. Before I finished the eye pillow, I snuck in a few spoons of chamomile and lavender so that I could conduct my own little test. And I slept like a baby!

There are two confounding variables worth mentioning before crediting the chamomile+lavender eye pillow at bedtime with my good night’s rest: 

  1. I walked around with the eye pillow tied to my forehead for a good half hour before bed (don’t laugh. it was relaxing).
  2. I devoured a bowl of leftover vodka-soaked watermelon while walking around with said eye pillow attached to my forehead. And drank the juice in the bottom of the bowl ;)


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Scrap Stationery Book

{scrap stationery book}

My most prized possession as a little girl was a stationery book Mom made me out of two placemats. It folded open like a 3-fold brochure, and each panel held a smattering of random, blank, hand-me-down stationery, birthday cards and pen-pal letters I’d received in my little life. When I decided to create a handmade gift for Tori’s high school graduation (I used to babysit her! Am I old now?), I immediately thought of this little stationery book. I hope it will be perfect for writing Thank You notes on the fly for all the care packages we’ll all send her.

I based measurements on my sewing journal, making sure to have pockets for a little address book, pen, and notecards. If you sew, it’s probably pretty easy to see how I made it. If you’re new to sewing and want a pattern, just let me know. I’ll sew up a new one and take notes just for you!

Oh … I stamped, embossed, & personalized little notecards for her, too:


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Label Me

{print it, punch it, stick it}

What’s that? You haven’t discovered the craft punch thingamabobs at Michael’s? Well, you should. I use mine to cut out these little packaging labels, and it hugely simplifies my life. So if you’re having a baby shower or bridal shower or birthday party or lingerie party or graduation party or {insert anything requiring a monogram or party favor here}, you may want to follow these directions for your very own customized labels too:

1. Design labels of any size or shape to create a template.
2. Print your label template onto full-sheet labels (Avery 5165).
3. Cut out your little labels using a craft punch (avail. at Michael’s).

Tah Dah! Did I mention my 2″-circle craft punch was only $9?

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{sweet-smelling giveaway}

So. My dried lavender arrived today! Thank you, Flowering Tree Botanicals, for the super quick shipping. I love my goodies, and working with lavender has become my new favorite thing – the whole room smells positively delicious. Now … are you interested in a sachet, alleged reader? I decided that I’m the nicest blogger ever to give you a choice in a giveaway, so I don’t feel guilty in the least about not having finished the other three promised sachet options.

how to win:
{1} Pick your favorite pillow: 1, 2, or 3
{2} Leave a comment with (i) the # of your favorite pillow, and
.      (ii) the name of your favorite cheese
{3} Be sure to include your email address where prompted
{4} Stay tuned



These sweet-smelling pillows measure about 4″ to 5″ by about 4″ to 5″ and are stuffed, but not over stuffed, with lavender. I hand embroidered the linen {front} and used Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett cotton for the back. Good luck!

WINNERS: tika (#3)! & coco8199(#1)!
I was so excited to draw a name that I accidentally drew two.
Enjoy your lavender sachets, ladies.

And thanks so much to those who stopped in and entered the teeny, tiny giveaway.


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Just Add Lavender

{just add lavender}

What can be done to cure stale-smelling drawers and, consequently, stale-smelling scarves? Answer: {hopefully} 1 lavender sachet per drawer.

My French General sewing book has a project for lavender-filled cushions, which inspired me to make my own (though I’ll probably wing the shape and dimensions). If you have a similar need for prettily-scented trinkets, know that you can order a 1-lb. bag of dried lavender buds from Flowering Tree Botanicals on *aside: I also ordered lavender & calendula soothing salve to get the most bang for my shipping bucks … yum!

Until I receive my goodies, I shall embroider many tiny pieces of fabric {above} to encase my fragrant little buds. And I may just be giving one tiny pillow away to one of my alleged readers. Stay tuned (if you really exist, reader).


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Sea Glass

{sea glass}

To follow up on my March 4th post, I took Lisa’s (and Southern Living‘s) advice for etching custom patterns. And I am happy to report that contact paper works like magic. Just smooth a piece of contact paper on the glass, tape a drawing/picture/pattern/stencil on top of the contact paper, & cut out the pattern using a craft knife. Smother the void with etching cream, let dry 10-15 minutes, remove the contact paper, & rinse off the cream. I love the idea of etching a set of coordinating glass … Happy etching!

PS: If you buy clear contact paper, you can trace your pattern onto the contact paper before applying the contact paper to the glass (instead of taping the pattern on top). This makes it much easier to cut out the pattern onto the glass.


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