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{sleepy-time giveaway}

{scraps of fabric never looked so good!}

No, I’m not doing another lavender sachet giveaway, no no no … This time, chamomile’s involved. No one’s getting enough sleep these days {or is it just me?}, so I ordered some dried chamomile flowers from Layla to toss in with the lavender buds in my little pillows.

{chamomile + lavender = happy, rested people}

If you can’t sleep either: leave a comment on the blog, vow to give me true and honest feedback if I send you a little pillow, and keep your fingers crossed. I’ll pick a “winner” Thursday evening … but I must say: if you’re having trouble sleeping, you’re not really a winner, are you? No, everyone knows that makes you a wiener. But this is a no-judging zone, and this little chamomile gem could help lull you into a good night’s rest so that you can stop being a loser and start being a winner! I have no clue what I’m saying … I’m so deliriously tired … good luck.

how to win:
{1} pick a pillow: 1 or 2
{2} leave a comment on this post with (i) the pillow #, and
.     (ii) “I vow to give you honest feedback” or something
{3} find out Thursday if you’ve won the opportunity to help me out

Did I mention that the point of the feedback is so that I can figure out if chamomile is as magical as I’ve always thought it was? I think I left that part out … good. night.


{picked by this process}
ME. “Brandon! Pick a number: 1 – 11.”
BRANDON. “Ummm … 7.”
ME. “Hmm … 1, 2, 3 … 7: Alysha! Alysha won!”

Since I have another chamomile pillow lying around …

Thanks so much for stopping in and entering (and helping me!). xx, lai



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{sweet-smelling giveaway}

So. My dried lavender arrived today! Thank you, Flowering Tree Botanicals, for the super quick shipping. I love my goodies, and working with lavender has become my new favorite thing – the whole room smells positively delicious. Now … are you interested in a sachet, alleged reader? I decided that I’m the nicest blogger ever to give you a choice in a giveaway, so I don’t feel guilty in the least about not having finished the other three promised sachet options.

how to win:
{1} Pick your favorite pillow: 1, 2, or 3
{2} Leave a comment with (i) the # of your favorite pillow, and
.      (ii) the name of your favorite cheese
{3} Be sure to include your email address where prompted
{4} Stay tuned



These sweet-smelling pillows measure about 4″ to 5″ by about 4″ to 5″ and are stuffed, but not over stuffed, with lavender. I hand embroidered the linen {front} and used Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett cotton for the back. Good luck!

WINNERS: tika (#3)! & coco8199(#1)!
I was so excited to draw a name that I accidentally drew two.
Enjoy your lavender sachets, ladies.

And thanks so much to those who stopped in and entered the teeny, tiny giveaway.


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