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I Miss You, Too

{etsy gems}

Now that I have a little downtime, Brandon’s fishing a tuna tournament, Mom & Dad are picking blueberries, and my local friends are sailing, playing frisbee on the beach, and crashing weddings. So before I come up with a craft to share this weekend, I want to entice you to book a ticket to visit. Soon. Here’s what you already missed today:

1. Meeting this duck in the backyard
{& having to find a way to pick parsley without scaring her off}

2. Meeting this duck in the backyard
{& accidentally scaring him off}

3. Buying local clams at Croc’s Farmer’s Market early this morning
{& making clam spaghetti <for 1> to enjoy lunch al fresco}
*I got local flowers, soap, artisanal bread, cheese, & dog snacks too!*

4. Feeding Bella clams and watching her jump up for more

5. Remembering the $2 local watermelon I got in Pungo last weekend
{& cutting it up, soaking it in vodka, and enjoying it as a palate cleanser}
6. Discovering leftover homemade carrot cake with cream cheese frosting

So if you visit soon, I promise to take you to Croc’s Farmer’s Market early Saturday morning, make a yummy breakfast and lunch with our market finds, let you pick herbs and vegetables in the backyard without scaring off the ducks, and have Mom make you a carrot cake while I soak a fruit of your choice in vodka (or wine). Let me know your ETA soon, and I’ll have a tote bag ready for you too.

Off to sew … will be back soon … after I make the fresh mahi mahi waiting for me in the fridge.


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Frolicking in the Blackberry Patch

{dragonflies every. where.}

I captured a handful of insects in Pungo today & thought you may want to enjoy their beauty with me. Feel free to copy, save & print them for the house or use one for your Desktop Background (just, you know, don’t make any money off my shots!). Sooooo pretty, right?

And without bugs:

{it's an annual shot: me & the berries}

{mom in the not-yet-ripe blueberry patch = the end}

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