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eating. praying? loving.

{eat: check!}

This is a public service announcement: If you plan to watch Eat, Pray, Love, be prepared to be filled with the hungriest desire to eat and pray and love. Before I even got home from the theater, I picked up yummy salade nicoise fixins and a 6 of Hoegaarden to fill my belly with happiness. Yum. I could eat olives and blanched asparagus all day long. NB: Julia (“Liz”) doesn’t eat or drink these in the movie … but inspiration isn’t an exact science. After eating and lovingly feeding mi familia, I found myself sewing on instinct, and I ended up with this:

{love: check}

… and now I am loving. I realize that I may have the only heart on Earth capable of loving this tote, and that is so fine by me. The combination of these contrasting prints and textures just feeds my soul. But then there’s Mom’s idea of the thing: “Well … at least you and Kristin probably like it … and hippies, too.” Now I just need to work on the “pray” part.



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Amiss, Awry, Askew, Astray … an A

{A is for amiss, awry, and askew .. astray and ALB, too}

The appliqué stitching was supposed to look unintentionally, though intentionally, amiss. The monogram was supposed to look unintentionally, though intentionally, askew. And the decorative stitching was supposed to look unintentionally, though intentionally, artistic. But the combination … well, it’s all awry! The overall feel was supposed to be much, much more sophisticated/chic/boho equestrian.  Too bad my aim was all astray. Can you tell I’m contemplating words that begin with the letter “A”? It’s the champagne I had at afternoon tea at The Painted Lady with Mum. Yikes.

So this is me admitting I’ve failed at something. Perhaps my next attempt at the unintentional, though intentional, Anthropologie-esque look will yield better results. Until then, I’m off to enjoy more bubbly of some sort. Stay tuned.


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{for: Ann. love, yo’ momma}

{just for ann}

Dear Ann,

You have such a great mom; I just love her. When she ordered this yoga mat bag for you, the first thing she said was, “I want to get one for Ann … just because she is a great daughter.” I think that’s super sweet, and I hope you love your custom bag!

It wasn’t easy to match the green Kaffe Fassett fabric you like; but I think this blue coral fabric works well, and I’ve heard you like coral (apparently we have quite a bit in common! haha). But if you don’t love it, make sure you let us know … great daughters should never settle for so-so accessories.



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Catching Up

{right outside my window}

Say whaaat? You’d prefer a rainbow or the moon outside your window? Well, sighting these little mushrooms made my day yesterday, so I thought I’d share. They inspired me to think of fall … and black leggings with a crisp, white oxford and brown riding boots. So I snapped a photo of the little beauties, mixed up a skim white russian, & got to work on this large tote for fall:

I’ll be putting it on Etsy this afternoon, but I secretly hope no one buys it … because I’d love to keep it for myself. This is a larger version of the Cruisin’ Tote, style name TBD. I love my Cruisin’ Tote’s compactness, perfect for a quick beach cruise to 7-11 for más cervezas, but wanted to make a larger version of it for fall. Come November, I’ll need the extra room to tote a quilt and thermos of coffee to the beach, and this bag should be perfect for all that and a bag of Milanos.

Since summer’s still upon us, I also made a Cruisin’ Tote with this Kaffe Fassett home dec fabric I lurve:

Yum. Off to sew up a custom yoga mat bag … see you again soon!


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Yoga Bag: take two

{nobody likes matchy matchy}

Though the BAG LAiDY yoga bag prototype was a couple inches longer than my Plank mat (if you click the link, my mat’s the 3rd from the left; and yes, I love it; and yes, that is a muffin on the bottom haha), it turned out to be a couple inches shorter than Maggie’s much thicker and much longer mat. So I made my first “real” yoga bag some odd 3″ longer, which turned out to be long enough to fit a tiny monster on top of my Plank mat; so I’m not sure I’ll be doing that again.

Not a fan of solid chunks of fabric, I used a really nice home dec upholstery fabric for the bottom half of the bag and a remnant Amy Butler home dec fabric for the top half.

Then I added a completely contrasting pocket in scrap Amy Butler home dec fabric to one side of the bag:

… and a key hook in scrap Valori Wells home dec fabric to the other side:

So if you have any questions or comments or suggestions, send them my way. We all have different yoga mat bag needs, and I want to accommodate as many as I can in this one design if possible. And sorry about the sad photos today; my model (Mom) went on a date with some dude (Dad) and left me to use the deck for photographing bags today.


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{for Janet & baby c/o Sarah}

{custom order, say whaaaaat}

So this post is mostly for Sarah and her sister Janet in England. Like it, Janet? It’s okay if you don’t! I ended up using soft midnight blue canvas for the interior so that you wouldn’t see any little baby food or juice stains on the bottom of the bag’s lining (sneaky, I know). And I used the stripe fabric for the side pockets and interior pockets as planned. The straps turned out better with stiffer canvas than with the stripe fabric, so I used that instead. And, of course, there’s a little magnetic snap hidden under that tab. For those of you thinking that this bag looks an awful lot like the Market Tote: surprise! The Market Tote was my diaper bag prototype. I just fell in love with the side pockets despite having originally designed them for bottles.

the size:

the inside:

Dear Janet, if you don’t love it, please don’t hesitate to say so! As it were, I know a few baby mamas in the States, too :)


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M is for Macy

{my beautiful little fairy cousin}

Isn’t she just b.e.a.utiful? My cousin Macy is modeling for the Chasing Fireflies children’s catalog (/catalogue), and the {above} is from her costumes shoot. I just love this photo and how the green looks on her (so magical, no?); so for her 8th birthday this month, I made her a bucket bag in green:

Macy will love this one because it stands on its own, has a random jute accent on the front, is super different from regular little girls’ bags , and has a huge M on it so that everyone will know that it’s hers. Originally, I wanted to use a more contrasting fabric for the M. But then I thought of what Macy would suggest if she were helping me pull fabrics, and this matchy-matchy one would make perfect sense in her mind. I hope she lets Gavin join her for a tea party or picnic with this one … or at least put his snacks in it while they’re on location for photo shoots.


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