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Jammy Prints

{not in virginia anymore, bella}

Hiya! It’s me. Miss me? I’m slowly getting my life back now that I’m mildly settled … slowly. And I didn’t realize it at first, but baking and cooking up a storm has made my New York apartment finally feel like home. “You’re going to make me fat!” is something I hear daily from Sabrina, my adorable (not-fat-at-all) roommate. And deciding to whip up half a batch of this go-to cookie of mine isn’t helping her cause ….



interested? Then go here & bake like Ina.

So glad we took this minute to catch up! I missed you. xo, alainna


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Hi, friends! Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. Since I last wrote, I packed up my life into 2 suitcases, bought a one-way ticket to New York, and have been staying on the mattress of a sleeper sofa, my makeshift bed on the floor of my friend’s Brooklyn apartment, for almost 2 weeks now. Not having my sewing machine on hand has been beyond frustrating; but to be honest, I’ve not even the time to sew the tiniest sachet. Things here are bonkers. But hopefully all will go well with the new apartment (my friend and I put down a deposit on a Greenwich Village sardine can), and my parents will drive my machine up from Virginia next weekend. I will have negative square feet available to sew … but if will really equals way, I’ll be up and sewing and blogging in no time.

Since I have nothing to share (besides an observation that everyone in Brooklyn has skinny legs), see this freshly-pressed, NY-related truth + photo.

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etsy sale

{SALE at}

So they’re older and I don’t want to lug them with me to New York on Monday. But maybe you want one for $15 off? All bags in my Etsy shop are now $15 off through Friday. The new price is the currently listed price.

I’ll make (bigger & better?) bags again once I find my own place and have room for a sewing machine. Until then, I’ll have to find something else to blog about. Maybe I’ll temporarily change the name of my blog to “Adventures in Ivy’s Apartment” … or “Homeless, Penniless, & Without a Sewing Machine” … or “NY Has Beautiful Fabrics but I Can’t Touch Them Until I Find an Apartment and Bring my Sewing Macine” … or something like that.

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So Sorry

{custom order yoga bags galore}

So sorry I went missing lately! I’ve been swamped with a few things … like custom orders and mid-summer parties and fabric shopping.

Since I’ve been gone, I’ve also been juried into the Virginia Beach Christmas Market (!!!!!), so I would like to officially request that you save the date:

Virginia Beach Christmas Market * Nov. 26 – 28  * VB Convention Center

Off to sew, but I promise to indulge your creative bug again in a few days.
xx, m.i.a.-me


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First Time For Everything

Hello there!  Well, there certainly isn’t anyone there yet because this is my first ever blog entry.  But I like to think that you will be … there … soon enough.

I’ve been very busy browsing the blogs of perfect strangers lately.  Not because I enjoy slowly kissing away my once-20/20 vision, but because I’m hungry for new projects.  Fall Recipes, Modern Embroidery, and Quilt Making have replaced (almost) all other search entries on my Google sidebar lately, all of which have led me to some really great projects.  And I thought, “How selfish of me!  I just take, take, take, but never share.”  Well, now that you’re here, I’ll start sharing the fun projects I have discovered, and hope to discover, with you.

Glad you found me ;)

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