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Sea Glass

{sea glass}

To follow up on my March 4th post, I took Lisa’s (and Southern Living‘s) advice for etching custom patterns. And I am happy to report that contact paper works like magic. Just smooth a piece of contact paper on the glass, tape a drawing/picture/pattern/stencil on top of the contact paper, & cut out the pattern using a craft knife. Smother the void with etching cream, let dry 10-15 minutes, remove the contact paper, & rinse off the cream. I love the idea of etching a set of coordinating glass … Happy etching!

PS: If you buy clear contact paper, you can trace your pattern onto the contact paper before applying the contact paper to the glass (instead of taping the pattern on top). This makes it much easier to cut out the pattern onto the glass.



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Mushroom & Me

{mushroom sized}

One day, I’ll have enough energy to blog things I make up on my own {and write out the instructions for you}. Until then, I hope you don’t mind me sharing the brilliant imaginations of … others.  I made the {above} mushroom, but I got the idea/template/instructions for it here. I like the blogger’s mushrooms better, but this was my trial run. I’ll elaborate on the embroidery and detail when gifting this little ruby. And I’ll take a better picture in the sunlight … unfortunately, the M-F gig isn’t conducive to beautiful outdoor photography.

As for the glass, I used Scotch tape to mark off a square and scrapbooking stickers to spell out my initials. Then I filled it with etching cream and watched magic happen 10 minutes later when rinsing it off. It’s pretty legit, no?

Another blogger suggested I use contact paper to make my own stencils, so I picked some up tonight. More on that party soon to come.

{03.08.10} Since ANF made such a nice comment about the ALB glass, I made her her own ANF glass and filled it with Ferrero Rocher. Yum. Happy office warming to you, ANF :)

You can’t see some of the smaller images very well on the blog unless you click on them. So if you’re frustrated that you can’t see how well a sticker and some Scotch tape can work to etch glass, click on the image at {left}.


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Sketched & Etched

{The First Etched Glass}

I learned (from Martha) that etched glass is a quick and simple process involving glass, paintbrushes, etching cream, and stencils.  So before stocking up on wine for the weekend, I ran into Michael’s to find a 3 oz. bottle of etching cream ($13), cheap glass ($0.99/piece), and a pad of 25 sheets of clear craft plastic ($11).  I used the craft plastic to make my own stencils {draw or trace a shape onto the plastic & cut out the void shapes with a crafting knife}.  To secure the stencil to the glass, I placed rolled Scotch tape behind a majority of the stencil.  And though the directions on the Armour Etch bottle suggest leaving the cream on for 1 to 5 minutes before washing it off, I’d suggest at least 15 minutes.

I have much to learn with this craft, but it sure is instant gratification at its finest.  You can order custom etch stencils online, too, and I’m very seriously considering ordering a monogram {ALB} for my next attempt.


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