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eating. praying? loving.

{eat: check!}

This is a public service announcement: If you plan to watch Eat, Pray, Love, be prepared to be filled with the hungriest desire to eat and pray and love. Before I even got home from the theater, I picked up yummy salade nicoise fixins and a 6 of Hoegaarden to fill my belly with happiness. Yum. I could eat olives and blanched asparagus all day long. NB: Julia (“Liz”) doesn’t eat or drink these in the movie … but inspiration isn’t an exact science. After eating and lovingly feeding mi familia, I found myself sewing on instinct, and I ended up with this:

{love: check}

… and now I am loving. I realize that I may have the only heart on Earth capable of loving this tote, and that is so fine by me. The combination of these contrasting prints and textures just feeds my soul. But then there’s Mom’s idea of the thing: “Well … at least you and Kristin probably like it … and hippies, too.” Now I just need to work on the “pray” part.



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LOVE: part deux

{side pocket anyone?}

Since I mastered my own technique for a contrasting side panel last week, I moved on to create a side pocket my way this week. And look! It’s Monday, and I’m already done!

my way. \ˈmī, mə\ \ˈwā\ adjective 1. made up by me; 2. devoid of visible stitching

Visible stitching drives me crazy because you can see each little stitch; and they don’t always stay in line, those little buggers. So I made a long panel like this {above} and stitched it together to create this {below}:

Hi, my name’s Alainna, and I am in love with this bag. Coincidentally, the printed fabric is home dec from Amy Butler’s LOVE collection. I have plans to put it on Etsy (along with a handful of other projects I have in the works) next week. I’m saving up “merchandise” so that I can see my shop full of an entire page worth of little handmade gems. I’m sorry. Wait, what? You don’t care because you don’t like this one anyway? Woohoo! because I kind of want to keep it … Janet & Sarah – think you can fit a bottle in those side pockets?


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In love with LOVE

{LOVE pillow}

Amy Butler’s LOVE collection of fabrics is almost too beautiful to cut. I’ve had a couple yards of it for weeks now and only just found the courage to run scissors through it. The pillow’s sweet, but I’m thinking of ordering a half dozen yards or so of these same fabrics to create a quilt. More to come on that.

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