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Amiss, Awry, Askew, Astray … an A

{A is for amiss, awry, and askew .. astray and ALB, too}

The appliqué stitching was supposed to look unintentionally, though intentionally, amiss. The monogram was supposed to look unintentionally, though intentionally, askew. And the decorative stitching was supposed to look unintentionally, though intentionally, artistic. But the combination … well, it’s all awry! The overall feel was supposed to be much, much more sophisticated/chic/boho equestrian.  Too bad my aim was all astray. Can you tell I’m contemplating words that begin with the letter “A”? It’s the champagne I had at afternoon tea at The Painted Lady with Mum. Yikes.

So this is me admitting I’ve failed at something. Perhaps my next attempt at the unintentional, though intentional, Anthropologie-esque look will yield better results. Until then, I’m off to enjoy more bubbly of some sort. Stay tuned.



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Sketched & Etched

{The First Etched Glass}

I learned (from Martha) that etched glass is a quick and simple process involving glass, paintbrushes, etching cream, and stencils.  So before stocking up on wine for the weekend, I ran into Michael’s to find a 3 oz. bottle of etching cream ($13), cheap glass ($0.99/piece), and a pad of 25 sheets of clear craft plastic ($11).  I used the craft plastic to make my own stencils {draw or trace a shape onto the plastic & cut out the void shapes with a crafting knife}.  To secure the stencil to the glass, I placed rolled Scotch tape behind a majority of the stencil.  And though the directions on the Armour Etch bottle suggest leaving the cream on for 1 to 5 minutes before washing it off, I’d suggest at least 15 minutes.

I have much to learn with this craft, but it sure is instant gratification at its finest.  You can order custom etch stencils online, too, and I’m very seriously considering ordering a monogram {ALB} for my next attempt.


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So Cozy

{Welcome Home, BAM BAM}

And the above photo is evidence that I have not been sitting around, doing nothing for the past few weeks just because I haven’t been blogging like a good little crafty pants. {ahem, ladies}

I’ve just been drinking too much wine to blog every silly little thing I’ve made.

And I’d like to officially request that none of my friends relocate to new homes for at least a good month or so.
{FYI: 3 plies = perfect embroidery floss for monogramming}

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ANF, part deux

ANF towel

{Williams-Sonoma with an ANF Twist}

And because I found perfect, white, plain ol’ dish towels at Williams-Sonoma, just begging me to embroider them, I whipped up a quick one for Alysha just in case someone spilled something at her housewarming party.  Which they did ;)

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Welcome Home, ANF

ANF Pillow It’s not easy to find the perfect housewarming gift for a girl who seems to have it all.  Well, convincing a devilishly-handsome, super-smart, well-humored man to show up at her housewarming party on time with a bow on his head didn’t seem feasible anyway.

So I came up with an embroidered pillow … to make the loneliest of corners in her new pad seem cozy and all hers.

ANF with RoseAnd it’s small enough to warm up the tiniest of corners, too.

I will say that I did not enjoy embroidering this burlap material one bit. Tracing the initials onto it proved such a difficult task that they came out crooked.  Woops!

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