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Yoga Bag: take two

{nobody likes matchy matchy}

Though the BAG LAiDY yoga bag prototype was a couple inches longer than my Plank mat (if you click the link, my mat’s the 3rd from the left; and yes, I love it; and yes, that is a muffin on the bottom haha), it turned out to be a couple inches shorter than Maggie’s much thicker and much longer mat. So I made my first “real” yoga bag some odd 3″ longer, which turned out to be long enough to fit a tiny monster on top of my Plank mat; so I’m not sure I’ll be doing that again.

Not a fan of solid chunks of fabric, I used a really nice home dec upholstery fabric for the bottom half of the bag and a remnant Amy Butler home dec fabric for the top half.

Then I added a completely contrasting pocket in scrap Amy Butler home dec fabric to one side of the bag:

… and a key hook in scrap Valori Wells home dec fabric to the other side:

So if you have any questions or comments or suggestions, send them my way. We all have different yoga mat bag needs, and I want to accommodate as many as I can in this one design if possible. And sorry about the sad photos today; my model (Mom) went on a date with some dude (Dad) and left me to use the deck for photographing bags today.



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Yoga Bag by {me}

{yoga bag prototype}

So to be frank, I’d put off designing a yoga bag because I am not a fan of sewing in circles (and yoga mats, if you’re not familiar, roll up into a long cylindrical shape between classes). So I finally constructed one as though it were a long, narrow, rectangular tote bag. {Result: Fabulous}

I also wanted to skip lining the bag so as to avoid using yards of fabric ($$$). This required that I play with zig-zag stitching a little bit, of which I’m also not a fan. {Result: Fabulous}

Finally, I wanted to make sure the whole bag was roomy enough to fit a loosely-rolled-up yoga mat. If you practice yoga, you know what a pain it is to have to roll your mat up perfectly so that it will just fit into your bag. I thought the extra room would also allow a water bottle, wallet, and yoga strap to fit into the pockets better. {Result: Fabulous}

I added a little clasp to keep your keys handy, too …

She doesn’t know it yet, but I’ll be giving this bag to my friend Maggie on Monday so that she can test it out and give me feedback. I love having guinea pig friends: y’all get little gifts every so often, and I get honest feedback :) If you can think of something I should add or take away to this tote bag for any reason, I’d LOVE to hear it.

And sorry about the obnoxious 2 posts/day I’ve got going on. I’m trying to make up for the general lack of posts (and creativity) M-F.

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Pressed Flowers Fête

{pressed flowers are at it again}

So you may have noticed that I’ve now bought this Pressed Flowers home dec fabric {by Anna Maria Horner} in three different color schemes. One scheme to go before I’ve bought it in all available colors … The palette of this collection is so beautifully eclectic that I simply can’t resist!

I made the side-pocket bag with this Pressed Flowers fabric, and I think the scale works perfectly for the bag’s size:

Notice how I changed the handles up a bit on it? I think I love them and how they echo the pointed corners of the pressed flower motif. If you disagree, holler at me.

Oh, I also did this bag in the yellow Valori Wells Del-Hi fabric you all love so much. And the extra little yellow strip at the bottom of the side pocket is actually ::drumroll:: an extra little side pocket just for your keys.

And yes, ladies, these will be on Etsy soon. Yay!

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Scrap Pillow

{saved from the bin}

If you’ve read my blog for a bit, you know I’m crazy about using up all the little leftover scraps of fabric that I can. Why send them off to a landfill where no one can appreciate them? So after I made the Happy Hour Tote recently, I knew I’d end up making another little scrap pillow with the leftover tiny squares and long strips of fabric. This pillow only measures a whopping 9.5″ x 8.0″, but I think it may be perfect for cheering up a friend.

So instead of sharing a fun new project with you today, I challenge you to find a use for something you’d instinctively throw out. The result may not be perfect {::cough:: this pillow}, but it will be a good use of your time. I promise. Now I think I’ll go thank myself, on behalf of the environment, with a big bowl of ice cream … and perhaps I’ll multi-task & draw up one of those tote bag patterns I’ve been promising. Kampai!


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Pressed Flowers Signature

{first signature}

I have a signature tote bag pattern now!  I’ve been working with home dec fabrics, quilting cottons, various utility fabrics, interfacing, no interfacing, large gussets, no gusset, pockets, clasps, zippers, etc. etc. I wanted to make a tote that’s simple and easy to construct while also wildly versatile.  And I finally love the one I created tonight. There are no pockets (I secretly hate making pockets), clasps, buttons, nada.  And this tote is structured without all the weight of a lower panel or exterior handles. Next on my To-Do List: create a pattern for this sucker so that you can make it, too! Despite loving this tote, btw, I put it on Etsy here.


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{sweet-smelling giveaway}

So. My dried lavender arrived today! Thank you, Flowering Tree Botanicals, for the super quick shipping. I love my goodies, and working with lavender has become my new favorite thing – the whole room smells positively delicious. Now … are you interested in a sachet, alleged reader? I decided that I’m the nicest blogger ever to give you a choice in a giveaway, so I don’t feel guilty in the least about not having finished the other three promised sachet options.

how to win:
{1} Pick your favorite pillow: 1, 2, or 3
{2} Leave a comment with (i) the # of your favorite pillow, and
.      (ii) the name of your favorite cheese
{3} Be sure to include your email address where prompted
{4} Stay tuned



These sweet-smelling pillows measure about 4″ to 5″ by about 4″ to 5″ and are stuffed, but not over stuffed, with lavender. I hand embroidered the linen {front} and used Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett cotton for the back. Good luck!

WINNERS: tika (#3)! & coco8199(#1)!
I was so excited to draw a name that I accidentally drew two.
Enjoy your lavender sachets, ladies.

And thanks so much to those who stopped in and entered the teeny, tiny giveaway.


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{anna maria horner = love}

I feel like you’d never know that I’m an Anna Maria Horner fanatic because I never write about her or her fabrics. It’s harder for me to get my hands on her fabrics because fabric stores don’t carry her around here {unlike Amy Butler, of which Sarah’s Thimble, right up Great Neck Rd., carries loads}. And to be honest, I don’t want to admit that I stalk her blog {because I do}. But check her out and you’ll see why I’m in love. Her fabrics are amazing, she’s well-written, and her kids are freaking adorable. Oh and this bag is just a tiny peek into how awesome her fabrics are. I ordered the above fabric last June so I could crank out this tote for Kristin’s birthday. It was, needless to say, nearly impossible to part with that much beautiful fabric.


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